Monterey County Outreach Services

In partnership with the County of Monterey, the Coalition of Homeless Services Providers has contracted with CSUMB’s CHE Center to provide outreach services throughout Monterey County.

The CHE street outreach team, Homeless Engagement and Response Team (HEART), will expand field-based service integration activities such as outreach and case management to engage homeless individuals and connect them to needed resources such as social services, mental health or substance abuse treatment, medical health services, financial benefits, transportation, meals, emergency shelter, bridge housing, and long-term housing. Case management begins after the initial outreach contact. As rapport is established, the outreach workers will utilize Motivational Interviewing (MI) and a solutions-based approach to develop a trusting relationship and provide the individual with field-based case management.

Mobilizing case management gives people access to services they would otherwise have to travel to, utilizing resources that are already severely limited.

CHE incorporates the Housing First Model by treating all persons with respect, dignity, and compassion. There are no prerequisites or conditions to engage individuals beyond being homeless. CHE works collaboratively with every individual to set attainable goals and move towards permanent housing and a healthier life and meets people where they are in life. The key goal is to instill hope and inspire individuals while providing culturally resonant knowledge, skills, and support to maximize their full human potential, and obtain or retain housing.

HEART will be collecting data while doing outreach and mobile case management which will assist with decision making in the future. However, to respect the lives of those impacted by homelessness, most data will be offered to the public in aggregate form once enough data is collected.

I would like to bridge services to an encampment.

If you have noticed a growing encampment and would like to notify CHSP, you may do so by filling out the form below.

PLEASE NOTE: Notifying CHSP of an encampment does not necessarily mean that an encampment will be dissolved immediately or in the near future. Due to the lack of available shelter beds and transitional or permanent supportive housing, combined with the process of establishing rapport, instantaneous visible results of encampment engagement is highly unlikely. Time and patience is required when working on complex issues and personalizing service provision. Even so, we do encourage community participation in assisting us with identifying people in need.

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