Thank you for your interest in becoming a Phase II Referring Organization for the Monterey and San Benito County Coordinated Assessment and Referral System, also known as CARS or Coordinated Entry.

What is Coordinated Entry?

Coordinated Assessment and Referral System – CARS also known as coordinated entry is a consistent, community-wide process to match people experiencing homelessness to community resources that are the best fit for their situation. In a community using coordinated entry, homeless individuals and families complete a standard triage assessment survey that identifies the best type of intervention for that household. Participating programs accept referrals from the system, reducing the need for people to travel distances seeking assistance at every provider separately. When participating programs do not have enough space to accept all referrals from the system, people are prioritized for services based on need.  In the Monterey/San Benito Counties Continuum of Care (CoC), the system is referred to as the Coordinated Assessment and Referral System (CARS).
You can see a list of participating programs, by clicking here. 

How to Become a Participating Organization

Your participation is key to expanding our reach to the most vulnerable homeless constituents of our community. Joining is easy!

Phase II Eligibility

Due to the highly confidential nature of Coordinated Entry, only established organizations with official documentation proving your authority will be permitted to participate in CARS.

Examples of such documentation are:

  • 501(c)3 Documentation
  • Formal Authorized City or County Documentation
  • Medical Facility Credentials
  • Faith Community Authorized Documentation

Application Process

  1. Fill out the Application to Participate. Download Application to Participate
  2. Submit the application and required supporting documentation to The Coalition of Homeless Services Providers, 1942 Fremont Blvd Seaside, CA 93955 or via email to cars@chsp.org with PHASE II CARS APPLICATION in the subject line.
  3. If approved, return the Memorandum of Understanding included with your approval letter.
  4. Send all authorized staff/volunteers to training. The date and location of the training will be noted in the approval letter. Login information will be provided within 48 business hours of the training.