Coordinated Entry

CARS Current Participating Agencies (Places to get CARS Assessment)

To get assessed check the below list to find out all agencies available in Marina, Monterey, Salinas & the County of San Benito. The assessment takes about 15 minutes to complete. The questions have primarily “yes” or “no” answers or can be answered in a few short words. You do not have to answer any questions that you are unwilling to answer, but a non-answer will only prolong your wait on the Master List.

  • Access Support Network (ASN), (831) 975-5016
  • Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL), (831) 757-2968
  • Community Homeless Solutions, (831) 384-3388
  • Community Human Services, (831) 658-3811
  • County of San Benito- Health & Human Services, (831) 637-9293 x10
  • CSUMB Chinatown Learning Center, (831) 770-1700
  • Door to Hope, (831) 758-0181
  • Dorothy’s Place, (831) 757-3838
  • Gathering for Women, (831) 241-6154
  • Housing Authority of the County of Monterey, (831) 775-5000
  • Housing Choices Coalition, (831) 722-3954
  • Interim, Inc., (831) 649-4522
  • Orphan Productions (Safe Parking Program), (831) 204-0230
  • The Housing Resource Center of Monterey County, (831) 424-9186
  • Nation’s Finest, (831) 375-1184
  • Shoreline Community Church, (831) 655-0100
  • Sun Street Center, (831) 753-6001
  • Veterans Resource Centers of America, (831) 375-1184
  • Victory Mission, (831) 424-5688
  • Whole Person Care (County of Monterey & County of San Benito), (831) 755-4630

Receiving Agencies & Programs

If you already assessed, CHSP will contact you as soon as an opportunity comes up. Below list showing the receiving agencies & programs:

  • Central Coast Center for Independent Living (CCCIL)- ESG (Rapid Rehousing and Homeless Prevention for those with disabilities)
  • Community Homeless Solutions-  New Beginnings
  • Community Human Services- Safe Passage
  • County of San Benito- Health & Human Services- Helping Hands, ESG, HEAP, HSP
  • Dorothy’s Place- House of Peace
  • Housing Authority of the County of Monterey- Pueblo Del Mar
  • The Housing Resource Center of Monterey County- HEAP, HSP
  • The Veterans Transition Center- Coming Home Program (GPD)
  • Nation’s Finest- SSVF
  • Step Up on Second- Project Homekey

Map of CARS Participating Organizations

Below is a map that shows where someone experiencing homelessness can have a CARS assessment done. Hovering over the dots on the map will also show the organization’s address and phone number. If you are someone or know someone that needs a CARS assessment, we encourage you to call ahead of time to make an appointment.