100-Day Challenges are an onramp to the movement to prevent and end homelessness among youth and young adults in the United States. Rapid Result Institute’s 100-Day Challenges are structured journeys for frontline teams and leaders that are designed to inspire and enable intense collaboration, continuous innovation, and fast and disciplined execution. Teams start this journey by setting unreasonable 100-Day Goals and developing innovative plans to achieve these. To set the stage for the journey, leaders shape and present a challenge to the team, and they create a “safe space” for the team to experiment and learn.

What was our goal?

In 100 days we will house 100 youth aged 18-24 from our Coordinated Entry Master List, 70% of whom are pregnant or parenting and 20% are experiencing domestic violence, trafficking, exploitation, and /or are system involved, with connections to services.

What is the status of our 100 Day Challenge?

Our 100 Day Challenge team was able to assess 107 youth, of which, we were able to house 40. During this challenge, our agencies were met with obstacles, but instead of halting services, we found ways to break down these barriers and find alternate ways to house youth. We created a social media campaign and collaborated with our community throughout Monterey and San Benito Counties. We partnered with media outlets to spread the news and had participation from various levels of our local government. We plan to continue with this momentum and this cross-sector team to apply for the federal Youth Homeless Demonstration Program (YHDP), which, if awarded, can bring in more dedicated funding for youth experiencing homelessness.

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