Monterey and San Benito Counties, California (October 11, 2016):  The Coalition of Homeless Services Providers is pleased to announce the Phase 1 launch of the Homeless Coordinated Entry System (CES).  CES is a marriage of policy, practice and technology and is designed to prioritize the most vulnerable homeless individuals and families for enrollment in local homeless housing programs.

CES is a consistent, community wide process to match people experiencing homelessness to community resources that are the best fit for their situation.  Homeless individuals and families complete an evidence based assessment survey that identifies the best type of intervention for that household.  When participating agencies do not have enough space to accept all referrals from CES, people are prioritized based on need.

The Coalition of Homeless Services Providers (CHSP) is a group of private nonprofit and public organizations working together to address the complex issue of homelessness.  Our mission is to “eliminate homelessness in Monterey and San Benito Counties by promoting interagency coordination to develop and sustain a comprehensive system of housing and support services designed to maximize the self-sufficiency of individuals and families.”  The programs of CHSP and its member agencies alleviate the human deprivation caused by family and individual homelessness and prevent the continuation of conditions of extreme poverty by breaking the cycle of homelessness.