The CA-506 HUD CoC Competition Rank and Review panel met on October 27, 2015.  The composition of the panel was balanced in terms of geography with 2 members each from Monterey and San Benito Counties.  Priority ranking order was compiled based upon panel review and scoring.  The panel considered a variety of factors during the review process to include; project alignment with HUD’s policy priorities, HUD’s project selection priorities, project performance, budget and cost effectiveness, agency capacity, HMIS participation, Match/Leveraging, outstanding HUD monitoring findings, project performance and timely fund draw-down.

The Leadership Council met on October 28, 2015, established a quorum and approved the recommended priority ranking.  Two Leadership Council members recused themselves from the vote to avoid  conflict of interest.

Below please find PDFs of the approved 2015 HUD CoC Competition Collaborative Application, Priority Listing, and Priority Ranking as well as a summary.

2015 CoC Collabortive application

2015 CA-506 Priority Listing

2015 HUD CoC Competition Priority Ranking

2015 Ranking Summary